Who We Are

Shortstop have been operating ex-military and business jet aircraft for more than thirty-five years, longer than any other similar company in Australia.

They have also been active in flying, training pilots in, and displaying ex-military aircraft for many years, including jet and piston engine types.

They have regularly conducted Interactive Flight Displays at the RAAF Museum at Point Cook, and their Managing Director is a Foundation Member of the Australian Warbird Association Limited. (AWAL)

We operate from their base at Essendon Airport; they are responsible for all aspects of our operations, including providing flight crew, the required regulatory structure and approvals, maintenance, training, and ground support.

Our flight crew for these flights are experienced professional pilots, holders of the highest possible aviation credentials, (Air Transport Pilot Licences) and subject to six-monthly competency checks.

We have a dedicated engineer for our aircraft, and highly trained support staff, including ground crew and associated personnel.

Our aim is to offer the most complete, immersive experience possible, faithful to the most exacting demands of this area of aviation.


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