Either a credit card or payment in full by cash or check is required to guarantee all bookings. A fee equal to the full price of the flight will be assessed for all “no-show” passengers. A fee equal to 25% of the price of the flight may apply to cancellations received less than 2 hours prior to the scheduled flight time. No charge will apply to cancellations received more than 2 hours prior to the scheduled flight time.

Refunds of deposits or payments made to travel agencies or booking agents are at the discretion of the agency in question; Classic Aero takes no responsibility for payments made to external agencies. From time to time, our staff may find it necessary to cancel a flight or flights due to weather conditions or aircraft serviceability requirements. We will make every attempt to reschedule any such cancelled flights to a date and time agreeable to all parties involved. If in some individual cases this is not possible, Classic Aero will not charge the affected parties and will refund any payments received for those flights.

Applicable refunds due to cancellations as mentioned above will be made within one week of the scheduled flight’s date. If it becomes necessary for our staff to postpone or cancel a flight, Classic Aero cannot and does not accept responsibility for related expenses incurred by the affected passengers, such as but not limited to travel costs to and from our location, accommodation, and meals.