The L-39 is a third-generation fighter jet trainer and light attack aircraft, and due to its excellent performance and dependability is one of the most widely used types for this role world-wide. For a military aircraft, it is roomy and comfortable, with an excellent air conditioning system. It has similar engineering and systems redundancy to corporate jets and airliners.

Nearly three thousand have been built to date, and developed versions are still being produced. Our aircraft is one of the youngest and least-used examples, and in its military service in the Czech Air Force was the personal aircraft of a senior commander. It is flown less than one thousand hours from new.

A, year-long refurbishment and upgrade program has been carried out. All redundant military systems were removed, and the external tip fuel tanks replaced with performance enhancing winglets. A complete suite of modern avionics has been installed. As a result of this, it has been re-classified by AWAL to Permit Index Zero, removing geographical and operating restrictions applicable to all other L-39s in Australia.


Large screen displays have been installed in both cockpits, incorporating synthetic vision and aeronautical charts, and traffic and terrain avoidance systems (essential in our busy aviation environment).


This measures the angle between the wing and the airflow. It is used in military aircraft to safely obtain the maximum manoeuvring performance required for air combat operations.


This is fully integrated into the avionics system and can fly complex navigation and approach procedures.


The fuel system is capable of twenty seconds of inverted flight and is monitored by a digital management unit.


Our aim was to develop an aircraft equipped to the highest standards, fully compliant with current requirements, and capable of safe and efficient operations in the civilian aviation environment.

It is approved for Instrument Flight Rules operations, and is compliant with all Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) and Australian Warbirds Association Limited (AWAL)requirements, including ADS-B. Our engineers surpassed our highest expectations, and we believe we have an excellent example of the L-39C, perhaps the best in Australia.

We love it!

750 km/h (405 Kts)
910 km/h (490 Kts)
11000 m (36000 ft)
1800 kg
4700 kg
+8 g / -4 g
12.13 m
9.46 m
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